Lost Wages in Your Personal Injury Case


If you were seriously injured in an accident, chances are you had to miss time from work. Whether it was due to a broken leg, injured shoulder, migraines, or spinal injury, the lengthy recovery time will result in a loss of income. Even if you did not have a full-time job at the time of the accident or were self-employed, your injury probably still caused you economic harm.

Calvin A. Edwards, Jr. is an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney who can help you recover your lost earnings as part of your injury case. His professional staff at CAEJ Law, P.C. will work closely with you from the very start of the case to make sure we help you recover your economic losses.

Below is a list of various types of loss earnings that can be recovered

Loss of Past Earnings

If you were employed full time at the time of the injury, you can easily prove your loss wages damages by providing a copy of your paycheck stubs, W-2 Forms, or a note from your employer showing how much time you missed and your rate of pay.

If you are a part-time employee or self-employed, you may be able to piece together a credible picture of your earnings. This may require you to be resourceful, creative, and think outside the box. An experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer will help you avoid the potential pitfalls of providing either too much information, or not enough. Our Atlanta personal injury law firm routinely helps clients devise effective strategies to present their case in way that helps assure recovery of their lost wages.

Loss of Future Earnings

If you were hurt in an accident, your injury may have forced you to miss out on opportunities to secure gainful employment or other business opportunities. If so, you may be able to successfully state a claim for loss of future earnings. For example, if you were in the process of being interviewed for a new job and were injured as a result of an auto accident, you may be able to recover a measure of compensation for the job you missed out on. Just as loss of past earnings cases, a future earnings claim also needs to be documented and well supported.  Proof of future earnings can be speculative.  Your claims will be scrutinized very closely by the insurance company. In loss of future earnings claims, preparation, strategy and presentation are everything. Make sure you do not leave extra money on the table – talk to an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer at CAEJ Law, P.C. today for a free consultation.

Loss of Earning Capacity

A claim for loss of earning capacity will depend in large part on the state of your health as a result of your accident and should be supported by documentation from a medical care professional. An opinion about your exact physical limitations due to your injury will be essential. For example, if you worked as a construction worker and suffered an arm injury in a roll-over collision, a medical care professional's opinion about the extent of your injury and the limitations you now have with grasping and lifting will help establish not only a loss of earning capacity but also a claim that you now need training for a new career as well.  Our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer will work with you as well as vocational and economic experts to help establish your loss earning capacity claim.

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