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As a small business owner you make decisions that can make or break your company. Find out how our affordable On-Demand Legal Services™ can put the power of a dedicated attorney at your fingertips today.

What are On-Demand Legal Services™?

Have you ever been in a situation and wanted to say, “Just a minute, let me call my lawyer,” or “I should have my attorney look at this first,” or “Make sure that someone in legal reviews this.”

Of course you have! Because as a small business owner, these “call my lawyer” moments constantly occur. These moments represent the hundreds of decisions a day that you are making to keep your business running. And many times you make the wrong decision, miss an opportunity, or leave money on the table because you don’t have the expertise of a business attorney to support you.

On-Demand Legal Services™ provides you and your small business with full time access to an attorney who is on call and available to talk to you anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.  What’s more, the service includes unlimited communications with your attorney, contract reviews, document drafting, and more.  See which On-Demand Legal Services™ package is right for your business.

On-Demand Legal Advisor™ Service

Are you a small business owner, completely running the show, and making hundreds of decisions a day? Could your company use the added confidence that comes with having a full time, immediate-access attorney that you can call on anytime, anywhere, in any situation? On-Demand Legal Advisor™ empowers you and gives you the legal muscle to get your business to the next level. Handle any situation with confidence knowing your attorney is just a phone call away. Learn more.

On-Demand Business Attorney™ Service

Are you a larger small business or medium-sized business in need of more comprehensive legal services but not quite ready for full time, in-house counsel, or one of those high-priced, slow to respond big law firms? On-Demand Business Attorney™ delivers big law firm services in a package that is affordable, flexible, and tailored to the needs and fast pace of a smaller business. Keep your business growing and mitigate risk with a service that makes in-house counsel attainable for your company. Learn more.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Over the last few years I have worked with Calvin on several different business ventures throughout the U.S. He always gave me good legal advice, especially when it came to structuring joint ventures and partnerships. He is very knowledgeable and his business documents are top notch.
    Lee W., Entrepreneur
  • I trusted Calvin when a late contract change called for me to form a new company in Delaware. Since I live in Australia and didn’t have a U.S. partner, I was really stressed. Calvin was able to get the company set up, with a business bank account, in 24 hours. To this day, I still use him as my business attorney when I’m in the states.”
    Terrance B., New Summit International Limited, LLC
  • I called on Calvin 5 years ago to represent me and my investment group during the financing stage of a couple of large scale, start-up ventures. I can honestly say, to this day I have not stopped calling him. I consult with him on nearly every business decision I make. Calvin helped me, and a lot of my associates, avoid a lot of costly and bad business decisions.
    Desi M., Entrepreneur/Private Investor
  • I always check with Calvin on most business decisions. He gets right back to me and gives me plain language answers. When I have considered business ventures, he always asked the right questions and helped me make the right decision. He’s made being in business a lot easier for me.
    Bruce T., Business Owner
  • After ten years, Calvin is still the first and only person I call when I have a business issue or question.
    Leonard W., New Foundation Autos
  • Calvin is our ‘go to’ attorney for all things legal. My husband and I operate a transport company and we’ve pulled off the road on several times to call him with a legal question about our business. He changed our opinions of lawyers – in a good way.
    Susan and David B., Bel Park Transportation, LLC

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At CAEJ Law we know that being a small business owner is tough because we have all been there.  Too many hats to wear. Too many decisions to make. Too many responsibilities. With so much at stake, having strong and immediately available legal counsel is a must have for every small business that wants to stay in business.  Find out how On-Demand Legal Services™ can provide you with immediate access to affordable legal services tailored to your business needs.

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